The Professional Film
and Online Brochure

Our international user statistics show that companies who use their film and brochure get ten times as many readers because it is available to anyone, anywhere at any time.


  • Boosts your online presence
  • Provides vivid and authentic communication
    at eye level with the recipient
  • Makes sure your messages are remembered
    longer and better than in other media
  • Contains voice-over, music, subtitles, graphic
    elements, call to action and outro


  • Easy to distribute
  • Lets you interact with and inspire your readers on each page
  • Designed for smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Includes corporate-colored navigation


Photo gallery see the details

  • Present important details of your products, services or processes

Cinemagraph enjoy a living photo

  • A surprise element in your brochure that makes the reader spend more time experiencing the brochure.

360˚-panorama take a look around

  • Give your current and potential customers a taste of who you are and what you do. Let them take a look around at your workplace, facilities or at important projects.

Motion design  create focus

  • Captivate your readers with graphics, pictures and text that move.

Web icon get direct web access

  • Take your readers directly to your website, webshop, contact page or exactly where you want.

Snap video be there

Give your customers an authentic insight into your business with short powerful smartphone videos.

  • Interview videos: Share your story in your own words and demonstrate your expertise.
  • Testimonial videos: Build credibility and trust by letting your customers be your ambassadors.
  • Tutorial videos: Show and tell your customers or employees how to benefit from your products or services.


  • Update your website with the
    WebView link or icon.
  • Give visitors full access to your
    film and online brochure.
MailView distribute
  • Add the clickable MailView icon to your
    company e-mail signatures.
  • Let all your employees share your film and
    online brochure with your customers, suppliers,
    business partners and prospects.
SocialView share
  • Let all your employees share the film and
    online brochure with their connections on
    professional and social networks.
  • Get an unlimited number of viewers.
WallView present
  • Show professional presentations on big screens –
    perfect for conferences and trade shows.
  • Be in full control in all settings with the auto-play